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It would be wonderful to have you visit with us one Sunday & we would look forward to journeying forward with you and getting to know you better.

Perhaps you may enjoy some more detailed info about us @ Willow Hill VCF and hopefully it will answer some of the questions you may have with regard to our Church.

Mandy my wife and I met when she was 14 and I was 17 and we were married in 1994 and have 3 wonderful children, Joshua, Daniel and Annah-Faith.

We planted the Church in August 2002 and I had a Pizza Perfect business to help support my family until the Church was in a position to support us.  In July 2004 we felt led to sell the business and the Lord provided a Christian buyer.  It was time to "Step out of the boat" Interesting times. 

We have a diversity of age groups and lots of families with young children. 

The central verses for our Church are: Luke 4 vs.18-19

18    “The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released,

    that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free,19  and that the time of the LORD’s favour has come.”

A quote which is key for me following on to these verses is:

"A reliance on a special group or core of people to dispense the special revelations from God, Disempowers God's army and turns them into an audience." - John Wimber

Now Willow Hill Vineyard is associated to the Association of Vineyard Churches of Southern Africa or AVC, which is part of the International Association of Vineyard Churches.  

Costa Mitchell is the present senior leader of the Association (National Director).   His task is to encourage local Vineyard Churches and encourage church planting and renewal of Churches within South Africa and on the African Continent.

The AVC is divided into territorial areas under the oversight of a regional organizer.  

Every Vineyard church is completely independent and at the same time inter-dependant.

There is no denominational control or hierarchy, as there is in many other denominations.   Each church is self-governed and determines its own affairs.   Each Church relates to the Vineyard Association on a “relational basis” not a “legal basis”

INTER-CHURCH ASSOCIATION (Other denominations)

Vineyard churches are encouraged to develop good relationships with other denominations.  Over the years we have built positive working relationships with a number of other denominational churches.

So having said all that just what are our goals at Willow Hill?

Our goals are to experience, reflect and extend the Kingdom of God.

Let me briefly explain what I mean here:

To the extent that we experience the Kingdom we will reflect it. To the extent that we reflect the Kingdom we will extend it.

Goals relating to experiencing the Kingdom of God

1. The proclamation of the Kingdom of God through Biblical preaching.

2. The continual renewal and moving of the Holy Spirit.

3. A ministry of healing to broken people.

Goals relating to reflecting the Kingdom of God

1. Contemporary and intimate worship which makes us open to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

2. The transformation of people’s lives through Biblical discipleship.

3. Reaching the lost and building of a Christian community through relationships, love and service.

Goals relating to extending the Kingdom of God

1. A Christian community which is relevant to society in its witness and service.

2. A Christian community which becomes a blessing to other churches.

3. A Christian community which becomes an effective base for mission, (we must reach the lost), with a primary focus on Church planting.

I really believe that we all have our part to play.  We work in and through relationships.  The Word, worship and fellowship are our 3 basics which we try to do really well and various other ministries flow out of that.  Worship is our priority and we keep it simple - The motto is "Simple, intimate love songs to Jesus"

We also have a number of Connect Groups... We often get together for braai's and to hang out & have fun together etc...

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us also why not LIKE our Face Book page http://www.facebook.com/WillowHillVineyardChristianFellowship    

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