Does Jesus' call threaten your lifestyle?

Does Jesus’ call on your life threaten your current lifestyle?  Many of the logos we see in advertising point to us living life as we want to.  Living life on our own terms.  NIKE – Just do it!  NIKE (again) – There is no finish line!  MACDONALD’s – I’m loving it!  SKITTLES – Taste the rainbow! RED BULL – Give you wings!  MAYBELLINE – “Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Maybelline”! L’OREAL – “Because You’re Worth It”! MASTERCARD – “For Everything Else, There’s MasterCard”!  JUNGLE OATS – The breakfast of champions!


From many aspects of life and our interactions with media and the world we are led to believe that we deserve something and are encouraged to live life on our own terms.  We look at Facebook and people’s lives seem so picturesque.  We watch the sitcom ‘Friends’ and think that we can never work and just live life in a coffee shop with our, well, our friends. We begin to believe that we are entitled to have a blessed and happy life.  But what if this blessed and happy life is made up in our own minds. 

Our work should be happy and fulfilling.  Our marriages should be perfect, filled with passion, love, joy and perfection.  Our spouses should always make us happy and meet all our needs.  Our children should look, behave and sound like perfect little human beings.  Our homes should be the picture of style, comfort and warmth. 

We diet for two days and go to gym three times and then we should have the perfect beach bodies. And when it doesn’t happen we give up.

We believe that Church should be a place that the people are always friendly, there is never any conflict and love permeates the very atmosphere. The chairs are comfortable, worship and jamming, children’s church is cooking and every one of my needs can be met there.  A place where it seems people walk in through a curtain of the Holy Spirit and all they display are fruits of the Spirit.  Obviously, the preaching always makes us feel good, never challenges our thinking and leaves us with a positive attitude toward making friends, money and influencing people.  And when it’s not we leave.

When our lives don’t tick all the boxes of the 4 ‘B’s’ Bank Balance, Bentley, house in Bryanston and Blissful life do we get discouraged and depressed. 

I wonder if we even begin to create Jesus in our own comfortable image of Him and when He doesn’t meet our expectations in the way we want them met, we chose to move away from Christianity…

I love Jesus, but live my life on my terms, because as the L’OREAL slogan says, “Because You’re Worth It”!

I wonder how many people eventually want absolutely nothing to do with Jesus because He challenges their lifestyles, so they try to dispose of Him and His influence the best way they can.

As Christians we should love the people of the world enough to share God’s message with them but shouldn’t love the morally corrupt system that is in the world. Nothing in this world system loves the Father or finds its source in him.  But living this way may threaten our current lifestyle and things may need to change.

When Jesus’ call to us threatens our lifestyle, or calls us to change some aspects we don’t want to change, do we not respond in a way that is like the Pharisees and try to get rid of Him?  Perhaps not completely but in that specific area?

When Jesus’ call is a threat to our security and position, to our esteem and authority, to our profession and livelihood, how do we respond?

If we're going to really live the Christian life, we need to decide to surrender all our hearts and all our lives. 

He wants to live in oneness with you…to be the centerpiece of everything you do. But, ultimately, the choice is up to you.

If this threatens your lifestyle, perhaps there are a few things that need to change…



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