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The Lord has truly been on the move and I believe we have come to a special time in our own lives (Mandy and I) and in the life of Willow Hill Vineyard CF.

Let me start from the beginning: For the latter half of last year the Lord was prompting me to step out and launch a second service of Willow.  However, not just a second service at our current facilities but in a new area to reach new people. I prayed about it but never mentioned it to anyone, not even Mands as life is pretty full for us. Through our journey in December and after the surgery in my recovery period, we had much time for reflection.

Out of the blue, one morning Mandy said, “Why don’t we start another service of Willow in this area?”  This was confirmation for me and I started to be intentional about the process.

I have been Chairman of the governing body at Annah’s school for the last 9+ years and have just been re-elected for another 3 years, so I have been building relational equity with people in this area for many years.

I’ve been looking at two or three different facilities for the ‘campus’ and doors kept closing but then the Lord moved in power and has opened an incredible door for us.

I got a call from the owner of Oakfield Farm Wedding venue, Matthew Stubbs, who is a Christian, and asked for a meeting with me.  Now to put you in the picture, Oakfield has won wedding venue of the year many times over and I know the folk well as I have been doing weddings and marriage training there for almost 14 years.

I shared my heart with him, his response was that this was an answer to his own and his wife Kathy’s prayers, and to cut a long story short we will be starting a morning service of Willow Hill at Oakfield Farm in the Dairy Chapel on the 3 May 2015.

I am already involved at Oakfield in terms of weddings and marriage training, but in order to streamline things, I will do a once-a-month marriage prep seminar at their facilities. The overall theme is “Oneness in Marriage”, and each month I will do one seminar and they will rollover monthly.  Month 1: Living life to the full (What is marriage), Month 2: Who’s Who (Roles in marriage), Month 3: Load Sharing (Communication).

Matthew has given us the facility, will make sure it is clean and set up.  We will start with coffee and muffins. So great filter coffee and muffins at 8:00 and worship at 8:30.  We will aim to be done by 10:00 to make it through to Willow Discovery’s service by 10:30.

The model that has unfolded and we feel to begin with is the following.  This would be a ‘campus’ of Willow Hill.  So, in terms of names at this point simply we will refer to each service as – “Willow Discovery” & “Willow Oakfield”.

We would have the same leadership team, same banking details and same constitution.  So simply speaking, Willow Oakfield would fall under Willow Hill Vineyard CF and be an earlier service of our current Church.

We have the green light from our Executive as well as Core team…  So watch this space and let’s see what our Father is going to do.

Let’s pray together as we ‘Step out of the boat’.




Is the world a messed up place

Is the world a messed up place, are there broken marriages, homes, people, children?  The world at its worst needs the Church at its best! The troubled world around us can be transformed by the believing Church.

I do believe the healthy, vibrant and alive Church in Christ, is the answer to the world’s problems.  And as Christians our participation and attendance is a vital key as a witness to the world.  The reality as we bring our time, energy and money into the Church, it also builds the Church into the resource that it is meant to be to the broken world around us. I have seen it over and over again, “You will quickly lose interest in Church if you have got nothing invested” And the one certain and true fact is that every single person who attends either contributes to the well-being of the Church or the damage of it.

The main identity of the Church is not in its formal structures.  Church is built with you and me, God’s people.  So its identity is found in relationship with Christ and one another.

It is vitally important for a disciple of Christ to be consistently present at the gathering of God’s people for worship, word and fellowship.  In Church we build relationships of freedom, encouragement and care as the basis from which we serve each other. That is the place that we contribute to the health of the Body as a whole.

The Church is a living organism, it is a body. And if you refer to yourself as a Christian or disciple of Christ you and you want your relationship with the Father to grow, it is indispensably important to be a part of the living, dynamic, growing body.  The reality for me is that you can find spirituality in solitude, but I know for a fact that your spirituality can only be fulfilled in the context of community

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