What the answer?

We are living in a desperate world, people are craving so much more all the time.  Desperate for the Hollywood dream.  Desperate to get to that Black Friday sale to spend money they don’t have to save money on something they don’t need. On Friday, Annah my daughter and a friend wanted to go to Cresta Shopping Mall after their exam to get few things.  I took them at 11h30 and it was complete pandemonium.  The place was a madhouse, cars parked everywhere, in the streets on the pavements and the thousands of people, my goodness the people. And all of this at 11h30 on a Friday morning?


The world tells us that if you get to this sale, get this cell phone, wear these shoes and wash your hair with this shampoo, you will find happiness. And the reality is that we judge people on what they have, where they live and what they look like.  You may be reading things thinking, “Not me Andrew!”  Well, keep reading.

There were three moms sitting catching up after many years.  The first mom boasted, “My son is married to a wonderful lady, he is a doctor, and has done so well that he managed to buy a new BMW for his friend for his birthday.”  They were all stunned.  The second mom said, “That’s nothing, my son is married to an amazing lady, he is a lawyer and has done so well that he bought his friend a beautiful penthouse in the Michael Angelo towers” The third mom said, my daughter dropped out of varsity, has become a prostitute, stripper and is hooked on drugs.  But her best clients have bought her a new BMW and a penthouse suite in the Michael Angelo…

Were you impressed by the first two moms?  And then the third mom brought reality into focus, didn’t she?  We reach and stretch, we dress to impress, we strive for more, because we believe it will bring happiness to our lives.  We want our 4 S’s all sorted; Subaru, house in Sandton, Samsung and South African Rand’s and we believe if they are, we will find that ever elusive happiness. But it is all masks, smoke and mirrors.  We end up ultimately living narcissistic lives which are about the profane trinity of me, myself and I.  We use and manipulate people and situations for our own benefit. Because if I am happy, then who cares about the rest.

Could I respectfully suggest that there is more to this life? That the only one who brings happiness, contentment and fulfilment in our lives is Jesus?  And what brings this reality into our lives is living for something beyond ourselves?

People are always grasping for something to help them in their daily lives. It may be some supernatural or destined power in some crystals or in the astrology of stars above or in some magical person on earth. In their grasp for help in life, they keep seeking everywhere except in Christ, the Son of God Himself. They hope and put their faith in everything except Him.

How many people are there today who are superstitious about good luck in a four-leaf clover, horse shoe and rabbits foot. Have you ever heard them say, “Knock on wood”? or “Good luck”? Let me read this book, buy this lotto ticket, do this latest fad diet. Perhaps go to Montecasino and put some money in a slot machine in the hope of winning the jackpot.

Or perhaps they come across like victims and the world owes them, coming to every person they encounter with an expectation that they will be their rescuers.  Seeking out those that they perceive to be successful in the worlds eyes. You know the type, the one’s whose 4 S’s are all sorted; Their Subaru, house in Sandton, Samsung and South African Rand’s; and look to them for their answers. 

So, let me ask you a question, “What can’t you do for yourself?”  What can’t you seem to get right in your life, and you have looked for help in all sorts of places?  Research, people, Google, can I add that none of these are inherently bad? But have you looked to Jesus?  Have you searched everywhere except scripture?

Jesus is the one who can help and get you through.  Jesus has the answer you have been so desperately looking for. Look up from the people, superstitions, magic, some supernatural or destined power in some crystals or in the astrology of stars and look to Jesus.  Stop looking for help and answers in the wrong places.  Look up from your difficulties and look to Jesus.  Put your faith in Him, He is the answer.


Duty or Purpose

As you examine the last year, could it be that your focus has been on the wrong things.  Your priorities have gotten a little off course and as a result you find yourself dreading the drudgery of every day life? So much of Christian life is listed by people as duty. I have to do this, I should do that, I must do the next thing.  Jesus doesn’t call us to a life of ‘Have too’s’. He is already working all around us and He invites us along. We are invited to participate in Gods masterplan for the earth and all who dwell upon her.  We are not forced, coerced or obligated. Rather we are invited to participate in this wonderous life of what God is already doing. Kingdom life is not something we have to do out of some sense of religious duty, it is what we get to do!gods-plan-226x300

Jesus says to you, “Behold, I’m standing at the door, knocking. If your heart is open to hear my voice and you open the door within, I will come in to you and feast with you, and you will feast with me.” (Rev 3:20 TPT) This passage can be translated, “I have been standing at the door, knocking.”  Jesus has been, is and always will be knocking on the door of your heart. 

When we open the door to our hearts and say yes to Jesus, He has so much more for us.  We get to participate in this divine invitation.  Paul puts it this way, “In light of all this, here's what I want you to do. While I'm locked up here, a prisoner for the Master, I want you to get out there and walk--better yet, run!--on the road God called you to travel. I don't want any of you sitting around on your hands. I don't want anyone strolling off, down some path that goes nowhere.” (Eph 4:1 MSG)

There are two Greek words Paul uses here, parakaleō & klesis, they are strong words of invitation. They mean to call near, invite, invoke, implore, exhort and call for.  Jesus is calling you near, inviting you, invoking you, imploring you, exhorting and calling you for kingdom life. When we say yes to Jesus, “the things of this earth become strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace” We enter a life filled with purpose, excitement and a mission that is way bigger than anything we could ever dream up for ourselves. 

Do you wake up every morning looking at the day ahead wondering what it is all about?  If you say yes to Jesus, He will inject His life into you and while you will still be a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker, you will have a very different outlook and purpose to your day. When you say ‘Yes’ to Jesus, each moment has the potential of kingdom breakthrough, each moment has potential for a kingdom encounter, each moment could make a difference to someone’s eternity.

Have you said ‘Yes’ to Jesus lately? You only have one life to live and the reality is that you don’t know if your next moment will be your last. Let me ask you, “How will your next moment impact eternity?”

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