Who We Are

Our Vision:

We are becoming a biblically accountable, Kingdom loyal, worship-based, mercy-extending, equipping, healing, caring body that exists to evangelise and disciple the nation by renewing existing churches and planting new churches wherever we can, in accountability to and integrity with our seven core values:

            Respecting the Bible as God's Word

            With Christ as our Head

            the Holy Spirit administering

            Relating as adults

            Upholding the dignity of Individuals

            With healing and Mercy in mind

            Living holistically

            Toward a reconciled world

Our Mission:

To follow Jesus into vital, God-shaped community and effective living, observing His Words and continuing His works

For the Willow Hill Vineyard, as for EVERY CHURCH, "The Mission is the (Great) Commission" in all its forms i.e. GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES. 

(Matthew 28:19-20; Luke 4:18-21; Mark 16:15-18; John 20:21; Acts 1:8)

How do we do this?

If you read our vision statement, you can easily follow the flow as you look at the Vineyard man.  The "Vineyard Man" picture is a helpful metaphor describing the founding vision of the Vineyard.  It is taken from an article in "Equipping the Saints" (John Wimber, 1993). This particular picture is used by Leeds VCF in the UK.

Our vision is the whole man; we don’t get to pick and choose.  The Word of God is our foundation, the theology of Kingdom is our frame of reference, and how the Word is expressed.  We draw people into the Church/Body through worship and compassion and teach them to become responsible Church members.  As Church we are a home for people to find family, a hospital for people to be healed, a school for people to be equipped and an army that will go out into the world and advance the Kingdom.  What is our mission? Our mission is clear, it is to go and make disciples.  How do we do this and reach out to the world?  Through the arms of Church planting and Renewal.


What will I experience should I chose to visit Willow Hill Vineyard?  The language of genetic code is helpful for us to understand who we are as a Church.


In every Vineyard Church in the world, the following eleven things are considered essential evidences of being in line with the Association’s beliefs and practices:

The Bible taught as the word of God with application for daily living. The Bible is central to our teaching, faith and life.   This has to do with simple life-oriented teaching and Biblical exposition.

Good, meaningful worship through the singing of contemporary songs, giving and the preaching of the word.   Worship is our highest priority —not just singing, but not less than that.   It has to do with regular corporate worship that is personal, intimate and non-manipulative.

Evidence of an ongoing ministry to the poor / broken / divorced etc.  Ministry to the poor, needy and hurting is very important to God and to the Vineyard — it should be a regular practice of mercy in terms of feeding, clothing, helping, serving, ministry, etc.

Evangelism going on in all ways and at every level. Evangelism is the call of every believer — to bring others to Christ through friendships, power encounter, and other programmes of outreach.   Real Church growth means reaching out into the world and advancing the Kingdom of God.

A strong emphasis on healing, signs and wonders.   Signs and wonders are a normal and regular part of Church life — to practise the ministry of compassion and power in terms of healing the sick and broken, driving out the demons and doing the supernatural works of God.

Small groups of adults involved in ministry, discipleship and mutual care with responsibilities.   Connect groups (small groups) are the basic structure of the Church; the place of belonging, relationships, self-disclosure, growth, discipleship and practice of ministry.   We would like all members to be involved in our small groups

Effective training and equipping of the people for works of ministry.  Training is fundamental to our success as a Church.   It is necessary to ‘equip the saints’ for the work of ministry in all its aspects and also for life itself.

Involvement and interaction with other churches for inter-church unity.   Other Churches must be loved, respected and worked with, because we are part of the one Body of Christ.   We must seek to have good relationships with the broader Church.

The encouragement and the exercising of spiritual gifts.   Spiritual gifts are in every believer — they are to be identified, evoked and exercised for the common good.   We must be more gift-based than organisational-based.

Missions - domestic & foreign, especially in the form of Church planting.   Church planting and missions are at the heart of the Vineyard calling.   Every Church should have a vision to grow and multiply and to touch other parts of the world.   John Wimber always said that the best form of evangelism is planting a new Church.

Where racial, class, gender and generational Reconciliation are worked towards as a non-negotiable witness in our context in Africa?  

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The Team

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